SEO News May 17th

This week the SEO roundtable includes: possible future changes CWV, A new feature in the SERPs, SEO poll on the need for good SEO on company site, Spammers ruin Bing’s anonymous sitemap submission, Google supports Education Q&A structured data and Google won’t manually update Hubspot results.

SEO News May 10th

Google Mother’s Day Weekend Search Algorithm Update (May 6th – May 8th): To Date this is unconfirmed though there is a lot of chatter in the comments on this article. As I’ve been saying for some time the level of volatility we’re seeing isn’t really abnormal or Google would’ve confirmed an algorithmic update by now. … Read more

SEO News Roundup – May 3rd

Google Offering SEO Certification Taught By Googlers: Google announced the new Google Career Certificate scholarships for US businesses. “Businesses can use Google Career Certificates to train their employees for jobs in data analytics, digital marketing & e-commerce, IT support, project management or user experience (UX) design,” Google wrote. First off these are courses taught by Googlers … Read more

SEO News April 20 – 26

Signed Exchange Image

This week the new Google features include Signed Exchanges for desktop sites, some new SERP features including featured snippets and questions answered in videos.

SEO 4 WordPress Theme

SEO 4 WordPress:The Fast SEO Friendly Theme

I bet there will be a lot of WTF moments when I formally announce the development of this WordPress theme. It is safe to say that I haven’t been a keen supporter of WordPress for developing websites. That was mostly due to my feeling that WordPress impeded use of my programming and coding skills. Lets … Read more

SEO Pros Professional Development Community

SEO Pros Directory & Professional Development Community

The NFP OSEOP organization is being dissolved and a digital marketing and SEO professional development community and consultants directory will take its place. The consultants directory and RFPgenerator is up and running again. I haven’t really begun to promote this yet as there are still a number of hoops to jump through to dissolve the … Read more Releases Validator

Schema Validator screenshot

The Google Structured Data Tool was moved to Validator provided by Google as a service for the community. The new tool continues to have the same functionality for fetching a page or direct script entry. Unlike the Rich Results tool It’s capable of testing for all Schema properties.

SEO Radio: Podcasts & Video

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SEO Radio is an archive of SEO and Digital Marketing Podcasts featuring people like Bill Slawski, Ammon John, David Harry and Terry Van Horne interviewing or talking with a whose who of SEO!