Terry Van Horne

Terry Van Horne has been developing and marketing websites since the early 90’s. Terry started his many personal sites with the infamous T’s World of Design. T’s World was one of the first sites to write SEO tutorials which served as the go to reference for many of the pioneers of SEO!

Terry founded SEO Pros in 2003 which was the first online database of SEO’s. At it’s peak it had over 100 members receiving RFPs. The site also provides an RFP generator for SEO, Search Engine and Digital Marketing services. The vetted directory of consultants and RFP service is still running in addition to a professional development community.

In 2007 Terry developed a YouTube Marketing Strategy for WorldMusicSupply at last check (2017) the 300+ videos have received over 40,000,000+ downloads and continue to rank with no changes. This was the start of his interest in multimedia production and direction leading to his participation in 100’s of podcasts, videos and webinars.

Since, 2009 Terry has been an SEO trainer and mentor in several Private SEO communities. Currently Terry is enjoying retirement (ie a monthly check that requires he only keep breathing) learning WordPress Theme Development and renewing his passion for SEO exploring the next SEO frontier… the semantic web!