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SEO Radio is a site I created to publish podcasts I have managed on Libsyn for aggregation to iTunes and Google Podcasts. While with David I produced and or directed and participated in literally hundreds of podcasts. We started taping the podcasts using skype and later learning production in another program that I replaced with Camtasia.

The History of SEO Dojo Radio and

In 2009 I met David Harry and he convinced me to co-found SEO Training Dojo with him. David already had an awesome group of people in the community so it was a natural place for me to settle in after forums began to shut down.

One of my tasks to in the community was to write the copy for the newsletter that included 2 or 3 videos that we had found useful or interesting. I managed the SEO Training Dojo YouTube Channel and after the format change David created and manages the SEO Dojo Channel where I still participate in the hangouts.

While with David I produced and or directed and participated in literally hundreds of podcasts. The infamous “feydakin” AKA Steve Gerencser and Justin (Just in Time) Parks joined David Harry and myself in 40-50 podcasts/videos on “the Regulators” and another  20-30 “Search Geeks Speak” a year where David and I I interviewed many of the top SEOs of the day.

After the Dojo I was doing work with SEO Pros on “The Entity Hour” where lately myself and Bill Slawski interviewed some notables doing semantic SEO. You’ll also find excerpts from “Bill and Ammon’s Bogus Hangout” where I continue to co-host with Bill Slawski and occasionally Ammon Johns joins us.

My Most Popular Posts

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I bet there will be a lot of WTF moments when I formally announce the development of this WordPress theme. It is safe to say that I haven’t been a keen supporter of WordPress for developing websites. That was mostly due to my feeling that WordPress impeded use of my programming and coding skills.
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The NFP OSEOP organization is being dissolved and a digital marketing and SEO professional development community and consultants directory will take its place. The consultants directory and RFPgenerator is up and running again.
SEO Radio: Podcasts & Video
SEO Radio is an archive of SEO and Digital Marketing Podcasts featuring people like Bill Slawski, Ammon John, David Harry and Terry Van Horne interviewing or talking with a whose who of SEO!

By Terry Van Horne

Terry Van Horne AKA Webmaster T has been marketing and programming in electronic media for over 30 yrs starting with a BBS where he and his brother tried their hand at Ecommerce.