SEO News May 17th

Google May Replace FID With INP (Interaction to Next Paint) For Core Web Vitals: Google said “nothing has changed yet with Core Web Vitals and INP is very much in the experimental phase. But there is a chance that INP will be added to Core Web Vital and / or replace FID in Core Web Vitals.” The reason being that they feel INP is a better metric. Michal Mocny added “FID has some fairly large blind spots and that’s why we are introducing a new experimental responsiveness metric, Interaction to Next Paint. INP is a full-page lifecycle metric, just like Cumulative Layout Shift. That means it measures all interactions, not just the first.”

The most important statement was Google said “We expect the INP score to provide a better compass for websites to improve responsiveness and performance in the future. We will take steps to provide more actionable guidance on the metric in 2022-23.” 

Google Search Snippet “View Full List” Link: This new SERP feature is where Google shows a normal snippet with horizontal sitelinks that anchor down to portions of the page it links to plus an added “view full list” link that just links to the main page. This may be worth a deeper look to see if this is using passage ranking and page segmentation to get the headings and snippet.

75% Of SEOs Say Your Own Website Should Have Good SEO To Sell SEO Services: One would think so but I’m not sure about that poll since most of the customers don’t really know the difference. I think it is important if you are selling to SEO’s otherwise clients are hiring an SEO because they don’t know what is good SEO from bad. They are making decisions about people not how to do it. IMO, they are looking for client references because in most cases they aren’t equipped to evaluate SEO.

Spammers Ruined Bing’s Anonymous Sitemap Submissions, Microsoft Deprecated It: How na├»ve are these engineers? Allowing anonymous sitemap submissions was not the smartest decision I’ve ever seen. To think spammers wouldn’t upload bogus sitemaps for competitors was not knowing your users!

Google Now Supports Education Q&A Structured Data: Google updated the search developer documents for Education Q&A structured data. The document suggests adding Quiz structured data to flashcards. Google said by doing this it “makes your content eligible to appear in the Education Q&A carousel in Google Search results, Google Assistant, and Google Lens results”.

Google Won’t & Can’t Manually Change The Weird Search Results For HubSpot: Does it surprise me that this site can’t get it right? Nope! Last I looked almost every link in their primary menu opened a new tab. Upon reviewing the results what I saw was the same as Barry. What I noted was that the pages that ranked above it were pages for the software. I’m betting it’s link related and likely right under the SEO’s nose as it is likely internal links. IMO, the root of problem is the blog is on a sub domain and the logo is set to link to the blog home page. I would have linked logo to main site and had a link to blog home page in primary navigation.

Google Search Console May Stop Collecting Data After Inactivity By Site Owner: John Mueller of Google said on Twitter, “when Google sees that the data’s not being useful (nobody using it), then we do stop collecting after a while. I don’t think there’s any specific time on that though.” It makes sense that if a resource that is not being used you quit collecting that data and use the resources elsewhere.

By Terry Van Horne

Terry Van Horne AKA Webmaster T has been marketing and programming in electronic media for over 30 yrs starting with a BBS where he and his brother tried their hand at Ecommerce.