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Schema Markup News

Web Development Tutorials, References & Tips

Web development tutorials, references, resources and tips to build better faster websites. This category will also include what I learn in my journey to building a WordPress Theme so expect to see some techniques to improve SEO with WordPress.

The first series of tips will be on tuning websites on WordPress for Google's Core Web Vitals update. Currently the theme I'm working on passes this test out of the box. Many of the techniques I used I learned fixing the themes I was using prior to the announcement of the CWV update.

Web Development References & Resources

tanaguru contrast finder: Using this tool I discovered that the color contrasts I was using and thought were easy to read often did not pass the CWV test. When choosing your color palette it is likely a good idea to test them here!

Web Development Blog Posts

Web Development Tutorials, References & Tips content
SEO 4 WordPress:The Fast SEO Friendly Theme

SEO 4 WordPress Theme

I bet there will be a lot of WTF moments when I formally announce the development of this WordPress theme. It is safe to say that I haven’t been a keen supporter of WordPress for developing websites. That was mostly due to my feeling that WordPress impeded use of my programming and coding skills. Lets […]