Schema Markup News & Resources

I like to keep tools and information I come across in a central place so that I will be keeping track of tools, resources and references that I come across while doing my daily reading or some work.

Schema Markup Validators: Validator: The Google Structured Data Tool was moved to and continues to have the same functionality for fetching a page or direct script entry. NOTE: This is a schema validator so it doesn’t necessarily validate schema for Google Rich Results which may have requirements not required for schema to validate. Link to a review of the Validator.

Google Rich Results Test: This validates code or fetches a URL and returns a report that indicates whether the code or page that was fetched had code that is eligible for rich results.

Google Rich Results Gallery: This has examples of valid code for all the types of rich results that Google supports. These frequently change so I strongly recommend that you watch the SEO news sites (like this one) for updates to the guidelines for rich results.