Terry's Current Projects
Terry's Current Projects

Current Web Development and SEO Projects

Now that I am retired from client work I pretty much only do things that I enjoy doing or get a sense of accomplishment from the activity. My desire to not have to worry about managing client expectations is why I announced my retirement.

When Google announced the Core Web Vitals would become a ranking signal I knew that for many WordPress themes this would be an issue. For now CWV is only a signal not a factor, however, if this is like the HTTPS and Mobile Usability updates look for that signal to grow into a ranking factor. My current project is building a WordPress Theme that will pass the CWV test right out of the box.

I continue to watch the evolving Search algorithms for SEO, however, now it's more about sharing what I've learned leveraged by the people that I have met along the path of my SEO journey. You can learn more about the SEO Pros project.

One of my favorite activities is hangouts and podcasts. I've been a part of over 300 hangouts and podcasts. Most hangouts I strip the audio and add it to the SEO Radio podcast site.

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Current Web Development and SEO Projects
SEO 4 WordPress:The Fast SEO Friendly Theme

SEO 4 WordPress Theme

I bet there will be a lot of WTF moments when I formally announce the development of this WordPress theme. It is safe to say that I haven’t been a keen supporter of WordPress for developing websites. That was mostly due to my feeling that WordPress impeded use of my programming and coding skills. Lets […]

Current Web Development and SEO Projects
SEO Pros Directory & Professional Development Community

SEO Pros Professional Development Community

The NFP OSEOP organization is being dissolved and a digital marketing and SEO professional development community and consultants directory will take its place. The consultants directory and RFPgenerator is up and running again. I haven’t really begun to promote this yet as there are still a number of hoops to jump through to dissolve the […]

Current Web Development and SEO Projects
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SEO Radio: Podcasts & Video

SEO Radio is an archive of SEO and Digital Marketing Podcasts featuring people like Bill Slawski, Ammon John, David Harry and Terry Van Horne interviewing or talking with a whose who of SEO!